úterý 5. září 2023


  Linda Audio releases Stargazer - hybrid delay/reverb with shimmer grain generator. The unique effect that can transform any sound to the ethereal shimmering soundscape, string-like or organ-like ensemble (like other shimmer reverbs) but its capabilities are wider. Stargazer is fantastic tool for any ambient music, but it is great also for many other genres and use cases. It works great with guitars as well as with synths or it can be used for some unique sfx design.

 Stargazer is a bit different than traditional shimmer reverb design. It is composed of network of delays, each of these delay lines generates short pitch-shifted grains of sound and these grains are fed back to the delay network. The delay network is scalable from two to thirteen delay lines. With two or three lines the delay effect is very pronounced and delay taps are clearly noticeable, but with thirteen delays the sound has great density and smoothness. Delays have customizable time (size), predelay and feedback, damping filter control, hi pass filter and stereo width. The sound can be also modulated with chorus effect and there is one other special modulation called Organize - this filters and modulates input in a way that makes sound character more like pipe organ (and it has choice of two different modes). Grain generator is also customizable, you can adjust grain size, feedback of pitch-shifted signal and its mix with normal signal, you can select if pitch will be shifted octave up or down and select if the attack (build-up) of pitched signal will be fast or slower. Of course global dry and wet control is included. Stargazer also provides undo, redo, A/B and 15 presets.

 If you like and use Stargazer, please support its future development as well as development of my other plugins. You can donate via paypal:



Below are download links:


Stargazer 1.0.0 VST2 64bit

Stargazer 1.0.0 VST2 32bit 

Stargazer 1.0.0 VST3 

Here is a demo of Stargazer on guitar

2 komentáře:

  1. Hi Martin, I think there is a good potential here.
    After trying, I would think :
    - switch dry wet position, a bit unusual
    - the wet knob does not cover modulation so it's not possible to control the whole plugin wetness from here
    - the organize knob feels it goes from 0 to 1 abruptly, not smooth
    - preset saving would be useful
    thanks and good luck !

    1. Hi, thank you for the feedback! I just don't understand what do you mean that wet knob does not cover modulation. Dry signal is completely dry input signal and wet is signal going through the whole efect...